SFTHCC Scholarship

Each year the scholarship committee accepts new and returning applicants for the Jackie Clark Memorial Education Scholarship. The amount rewarded can vary depending on the number of applications received, but generally ranges from $500 – $1000. Completed applications must be received by June 1.


  1. Must be an enrolled member of the Tlingit & Haida Central Council and registered to the San Francisco Community Council
  2. Must be a full time student attending a university, college, or trade school currently or in the Fall
  3. Must have a high school or current GPA of 2.5 and maintain it throughout the school year


To apply for the Jackie Clark Memorial Education Scholarship download and complete the application form and submit any required documents. Everything you need to complete this application is listed on the cover page. In addition, a checklist is provided in the application to ensure your application is fully completed.

Contact Natalie Suan for an up to date application form.

Jackie Clark Memorial Education Scholarship Application

Other Scholarship Opportunities for Native Alaskans

This is a list of external scholarship programs. The eligibility requirements may be different from from the SFTHCC scholarship and are subject to change at any time. Please check the scholarship provider webpage for the most up to date information.

CCTHITA Alumni Scholarship Assistance Program

Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska text with black background
Final Deadline: July 1 – September 15
Scholarship Info

American Indian Education Fund

American Indian Education Fund Logo showing a graduation cap with two feathers as the tassle
Early Bird Incentive Deadline: March 1
Final Deadline: April 4
Scholarship Info

Sealaska Heritage Institute (Sharholders and Descendants Only)

Sealaska Heritage Institute Scholarship Program
Early Bird Incentive Deadline: February 1
Final Deadline: March 1
Scholarship Info

Full scholarships for Native language scholars

Opportunity: Full scholarships for Native language scholars

Sealaska Heritage the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) are offering full scholarships to UAS for 16 Native scholars who plan to teach their Native language.

Apply: https://bit.ly/39Bfjbe

Application deadline: May 12

The scholarships include tuition, room, board and other expenses plus part-time employment that provides additional language opportunities.

The program, Haa Yoo X’atángi Deiyí: Our Language Pathway, is part of an effort to revitalize and perpetuate Tlingit (Lingít), Haida (Xaad Kíl) and Tsimshian (Sm’algyax).

Applicants must apply to UAS and for UAS housing separately from the scholarship application. For more info about the scholarship program, contact jill.meserve@sealaska.com or 907-586-9264. For more info on applying at UAS, contact uas.admissions@alaska.edu or 907-796-6100. Flyer: https://bit.ly/3aKLd56

Goldbelt Heritage Foundation (Sharholders and Descendants Only)

Final Deadline: May 31
Scholarship Info

Dallas Peterman Youth Leadership Award

Dallas Peterson Youth Leadership Award
Final Deadline: March 31
Scholarship Info

Many More