What is “Tribal Assembly”? (Updated)

posted: February 25th, 2020
Tlingit & Haida 83rd Annual Tribal Assembly Delegates
Central Council Delegates of the 83rd Annual Tribal Assembly

When is Tribal Assembly

The delegates of the Tribal Assembly shall regularly assemble each year usually commencing on the third Thursday in April.

Special assemblies of the Tribal Assembly may be called by the President, or by the Executive Council, or by notice supported by not less than one-fourth of the delegates. Calls and notices for a special assembly shall set forth the purpose for such assembly but at such special assembly the Central Council may transact any other business or take any other actions within its powers.

Where is Tribal Assembly

The Tribal Assembly shall be held in Juneau, Alaska each year that delegate elections are held and may be held in another Community in a non-election year upon invitation by that other Community through resolution at the preceding election year Tribal Assembly.

What Happens at Tribal Assembly

The purpose of Tribal Assembly is to determine the official policies of the tribe, review actions taken in the previous year, and determine actions to take in the following year.

Tribal Assembly is a 3-day general assembly where delegates:

  • elect Executive Council members (in election years)
  • propose resolutions (prior to the start of Assembly)
  • vote on resolutions
  • listen and respond to several reports and addresses including:
    • State of the Tribe Address
    • State of Alaska Address
    • CFO Report
    • COO Report
    • Audit Committee Report
    • Tlingit & Haida Tribal Business Corporation Report
    • Emerging Leader Report
    • Introduction of the Budget
    • Standing Committee Reports
    • Tribal Court Report

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