Meeting Minutes May 09, 2022

posted: May 22nd, 2022


May 09, 2022 | 7:00pm Pacific Standard Time | Teleconference


Will Micklin assumed the chair without objection and called the meeting to order at 7:01pm.


Council Members

Will MicklinPresent
Robin MontanoPresent
Laurie KozisekPresent
Donavin HannonPresent
DonnaRae James-HannonPresent
John (Jay) SilvaPresent
Natalie SuanPresent

QUORUM: Declared



Officer Elections

Will Micklin motion for nomination by unanimous consent: Treasurer – Laurie Kozisek; Secretary – Natalie Suan; Vice President – Robin Montano; President – Will Micklin.

Natalie Suan declined nomination. Donavin Hannon volunteered for nomination to Secretary.

Micklin motion for nominations by unanimous consent: President – Will Micklin; Vice President – Robin Montano; Treasurer – Laurie Kozisek; Donavin Hannon – Secretary and Newsletter Secretary. No
objection was made. Motion approved.

Will Micklin motion/Laurie Kozisek second for unanimous consent for election of Officers by unanimous consent with one member nominated for each of the four Officer positions: President – Will Micklin; Vice President – Robin Montano; Treasurer – Laurie Kozisek; Secretary and Newsletter Secretary – Donavin Hannon. No objection was made. Motion approved.



ADJOURN: M/S 7:18pm


M/S to approve by electronic vote May 17, 2022. Approved: 4 yes; 1 no; 1 not voting.

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