SF Tlingit & Haida holds elections every even numbered year. We have two separate types of elections: Council Elections and Delegate Elections.

Council Elections

The San Francisco Tlingit & Haida Community Council holds elections for all 7 of its positions biennially. The positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Trustees.

All SF T&H community members are eligible to run for any position. The same person may be elected to the positions of Secretary and Treasurer.

If you are not elected for your first chosen position (ex. president) you may run for another position (ex. vice president).

Official Voting List

Please check to be sure that you are on the official voting list.

2022 Official Voting List

Duties of Officers

  • President – The President of the Community Council shall be its chief executive officer and the chief executive officer of the Community. He or she shall preside over all meetings of the Community Council, and, subject to its direction, conduct and manage the business of the Community, execute documents for and on behalf of the Community Council and the Community, be a member ex officio of all committees of the Community Council and Community, and exercise such other powers as may be delegated to him or her. He or she may delegate authority to others to perform functions and exercise powers of his or her office, and appoint committees to assist the Community Council or the President in the performance of their functions.
  • Vice President – The Vice-President shall assist the President when called upon to do so. In the absence of the President from a meeting of the Community Council, the Vice-President shall preside. When the President is temporarily disabled, or absent from the Community and unavailable, the Vice-President shall act as President. All correspondence shall be approved by the President prior to release.
  • Secretary – The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all actions taken and business conducted by the Community Council and conduct its correspondence. He or she shall promptly transmit copies of all minutes of meetings and resolutions of the Community Council to the President of the Central Council or his or her delegate, and attest the signature of the President or other authorized officer on legal documents executed for or on behalf of the Community Council or the Community.
  • Newsletter Secretary – The Newsletter Secretary shall send out proper notices of all called meetings, and serve as Chairperson of the Newsletter Committee.
  • Treasurer – The Treasurer shall accept, receive, receipt for, preserve and safeguard all funds in the possession of the Community Council or the Community. He or she shall deposit all such funds in such depositories as the Community Council shall direct and keep adequate and accurate records of the same. He or she shall report on all receipts and disbursements and on the amount and nature of all such funds at each meeting of the Community Council and at such other times as requested by the President. He or she shall not pay out or disburse any funds except as authorized by the Community Council. All disbursements must be signed by one of the following persons: President, Vice-President or Treasurer. The Community Council may at any time make such further provisions concerning funds in its possession or custody as it deems necessary or desirable for their safety and proper use.
  • Trustee/Member At Large – Has voting rights. Duties to be determined based on individual’s skills and abilities.


Once elected, Council Members may volunteer for, or be appointed to, any number of committees. Committees may include:

  • Local Election Committee
  • Social Committee(s)
  • Newsletter Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Enrollment person